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Building the IRL backpack

For tech/build support from the community, join the official IRL Discord:

If you’re looking to rent or buy a pre-made backpack visit:


This is a list of every part you need to build the backpack.

This is a google doc that will walk you through assembling the backpack: cable flows, LiveU setup, etc.

Once you get your bag setup, this will tell you how to run and maintain it.

below are the major parts of the backpack


Part #1 - The Liveu solo

The LiveU Solo is the brains of the backpack. It takes HDMI audio/video from your Camera, power from your battery, and data from up to 4 modems to produce stream you'll be pushing to the internet. Make sure to get LRT too, that is the tech that allows for the bonding between modems to happen.


Part #2 - Sony AS300/X3000

The Sony AS300/X3000 is the camera of choice for the backpack. The stabilization is just good enough to not require a full gimbal, the audio is amazing for an action camera with good pickup for anyone you would be talking to 3rd or 1st person, and the wide angle will capture almost everything within your view.  


Part #3 - LTE Modems 

In the backpack, you can combine up to 4 modems/data plans together for an ultra stable stream to the internet.

UnlimitedIRL is my provider of choice for sims/modems in the US for their ACTUAL unthrottled contracts with the major carriers in the United States and their global roaming partners.

Use the code: GUNRUN at check out for 10% off your first month

For non-US streamers, there's also Unlimited International Plans available which work in nearly every country. Click below for updated prices and bundles starting from $50 a month.

Part #4 - Manfrotto Lifestyle NX CSC Backpack 

This is the actual backpack you wear. The reason I went with the Manfroto is the two compartment design: Modems in the top, Batteries in the bottom, meshed side pockets to prevent overheating of the LiveU Solo units.

Because of the layout, the backpack is bottom heavy enough to turn a monopod inserted on the side of the bag into a functional tripod to easily sit the backpack down anywhere and hangout with your audience; like they're right next to you. 


Part #5 - PowerOAK 50000MAH Power bank (main BATTERY) 

This battery fuels all the devices in the backpack. The 12v port goes right into the LiveU Solo, the USB ports go into the AS300 Camera and the two modems powering the Ethernet and Wifi out.

For some context, without this the backpack will only live as long as the modems/LiveU/camera's internal batteries all work. Which is about an hour and a half minutes. Take this as the amount of time you have if you wanted to buy multiple of these to switch between or try and charge it before it dies.

In beta testing, we've seen 7-9 hours of usage with a combination of this battery and all the other devices already being fully charged. If this isn't enough you can buy two or more.

Part #6 - Psynaps servers 

The Psynaps servers have become instrumental for most backpack users. It allows for overlays, remote control of scenes, automatic brb scene deployment during low bitrate.