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How to stream challenging content


Welcome to IRL


What is “irl”?

IRL’ is any live (or once live) content that is not video games.

Historically, the term comes from the removed category/game “IRL“ in Twitch’s directory. Spiritually, IRL lives on as “Just Chatting“, and still to this day is the community’s bucket for all non-gaming content discovery.

Watching irl

If you haven’t yet, register to Twitch and setup notifications on your mobile device and/or web browser.

Discovering Streamers

Most discovery comes from reddit’s r/livestreamfail. It’s become the bucket for recent top clips of live streams and

Growing as a streamer

Twitch is a great place for live content, but it’s terrible at helping you grow. If you have a following on youtube or other platforms, try and educate them on signing up to Twitch and getting notifications so they can watch and interact with you in chat.