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The Gunrun IRL Backpack

Debuted during E3 2017, the IRL Backpack has been a project of mine to build the ultimate mobile streaming setup — prioritizing stability, quality, and ease of use.

Prominent features include the bonding of 4 LTE Modems/Hotspots via a LiveU Solo, 1st and 3rd person options, and a 7+ hour battery.

I believe producing IRL content and outdoor streaming is the future of content on Twitch. With publicizing the Mark 4 backpack build, I hope more broadcasters will be able to share the outside world with those at home.

Learn to build it

Go through a elaborate parts list buying spree and follow my google doc on assembly & use!

Clips from beta testers

With the power of 4 bonded LTE Modems, the wide angle action camera, and the monopod installed on the side of the backpack you can get streams like these out in the forest.

This is from


If you opt for running Day Pass sims, you're able to take advantage of AT&T's international partner network and stream from any Day Pass enabled countries like Japan.

In this clip you see storm across Tokyo in cosplay re-enacting Mario Kart's Rainbow Road.


During Trivium's LA show, one of their guitar techs used the backpack to cover what it's like to be working on the side of the stage, and decided to run through the front of the barrier too!

If you have a cool backpack clip you'd like to see added DM me via Twitter @thegunrun