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Hey I'm Gunrun! If you're reading this, thanks! You're probably interested in learning about my live streaming backpack design.

Since 2016, with the popularity of Pokemon go and Twitch allowing for "IRL" streaming, I've been on the constant search for a way to broadcast outdoors easily and with high quality. Thanks to devices like the LiveU Solo and Sony's AS300 action camera I've finally found the best (at this time) way to do it!

This is the "Gunrun's IRL Backpack", a combination of various items and creative cable management that allows the user to broadcast a stabilized HD video feed live to your audience live! This design has been used with many popular streamers to grow their audiences and provide broadcast experiences that were once impossible at this price range and simplicity(-ish).

Learn to build it

Go through a elaborate parts list buying spree and follow my google doc on assembly & use!

(About $1800 for the backpack, not counting the monthly data)

Who's used the backpack?

Top Backpack Clips from twitch streams

Aiekillu sleding down hill at a snow resort

Fedmyster giving the backpack to a Sushi Chef

Reynad27 from Tempo Storm and Game Changers using the backpack to stream live from a Helicopter in Sydney Australia

Jakenbake Live driving a Martio Kart in cosplay re-enacting Mario Kart's Rainbow Road around Tokyo.


During Trivium's LA show, one of their guitar techs used the backpack to cover what it's like to be working on the side of the stage, and decided to run through the front of the barrier too!

If you have a cool backpack clip you'd like to see added DM me via Twitter @thegunrun